March 30, 2013

Cara Box Swap

Cara Box

I recently came across an amazing blogger Kaitlyn at Wifessionals who blogs about being a wife, recipes, and life changes! Snooping around her blog I came across a post about a box exchange called #carabox, Kaitlyn matches you up with a blogger who sends you a box, and a blogger you send a box to. You spend the next few weeks getting to know each other and then spending $15 to make them a goodie box! This months theme was the Letter of your first name!

I received my box from Anna over at The Days When I'm Not A Nurse  and LOVED it! I was so excited to receive my box I opened it at Work! I got all sorts of A things Amsterdam Cookies, Arrow hair clips, Accessory, Apple bar, Aero air chocolate ( my FAV) and Anti- bacterial hand gel.

I was also matched up with Angie and sent her a surprise goodie box! to read her post and see what I got her, hop over to Mysocalledchaos

I really enjoyed this months #carabox match ups, and im super excited for next months box theme!!


  1. I'm excited for next months box theme too! A's, huh? How fun! What a great box.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

    Following from the swap.


  2. New follower!